Roots Blower

AirMMax roots blower is LONGTECH Taiwan type three lobe roots blower, and roots blower is perfectly matched to aerotube and aeration hose for fine bubble bottom aeration system and has been used in aquaculture especially for high density shrimp farming and fish farming.

Roots Blower Parameter Table

AirMMax manufacture various size of roots blower to meet high density shrimp and fish aquaculture aeration requirement. 

Roots Blower Aerator Advantage


1. Larger aeration quantity and deeper bottom aeration.

2. Bottom static aeration, uniform aeration, applicable to high density shrimp and fish aquaculture, increase output and quality.

3. Ensure higher DO content 6-8 ppm, accelerate oxidation of harmful chemicals at bottom of water, improve shrimp and fish living environment and improve survival rates.

4. Easy maintenance.

5. Save 60-80% power consumption.

6. Save more than 10% shrimp and fish feed.

7. Lower investment cost.


Aeration System


As professional manufacturer and supplier of AeroTube, AeroTube Production Line, Turbo Blower Aerator, Roots Blower and Aeration Diffuser, AirMMax also provide aeration system combo service from turbo blower aerator or roots blower aerator to aerotube.




Site Installation


AirMMax Giant-Aerotube work as the frame for aerotube, which is an easy way to install aerotube in your shrimp pond.

AirMMax Site Application


AirMMax has good knowledge and rich experience about the aquaculture farm condition in various countries and has implementation of hundreds of thousands of hectares aquaculture farm projects both in China and abroad.


AirMMax Spare Parts


AirMMax spare parts is designed to match AirMMax manufactured AeroTube, roots blower and turbo blower aerator, its simple structure make AirMMax AeroTube easily assembly and disassembly and better aeration performance, AirMMax spare parts  will save your time for shrimp farming aeration system together with AirMMax Roots Blower Aerator and Turbo Blower Aerator.

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