About AirMMax

AirMMax is professional manufacturer and supplier of AeroTube, AeroTube Production Line, Turbo Blower Aerator, Roots Blower and Aeration Diffuser and has developed into an aquaculture solution provider together with aeration system design and installation.

AirMMax has focused on R&D and manufacturing of aerotube to drastically improve the efficiency of dissolved oxygen and reduce electricity bill at shrimp farming and fish farming in aquaculture industry, AirMMax cares about aerotube performance by adopting standard production process on raw material supply and formula.

AirMMax provides aeration system design and installation service, AirMMax experienced design engineers design aeration system based on aquaculture farm condition: temperature, water quality, aquaculture species, breeding density, pond situation etc while AirMMax skilled installation team efficiently complete site installation work under different aquaculture farm.

AirMMax has good knowledge and rich experience about the aquaculture farm condition in various countries and has implementation of hundreds of thousands of hectares aquaculture farm projects worldwide, AirMMax local team delivers an immediate feedback on client’s request.

With the vision of Higher Dissolved Oxygen, Better Aquaculture Harvest, AirMMax has achieved a better aeration performance and customer satisfaction.